This I Believe

Even as a kid, I have many beliefs about what is key to living your life in a way that is most beneficial. I feel that the most important part of life is to be happy. It’s not something you always can control and you sometimes must fight to be open to joy. I’ve discovered that a giddy disposition is a selective emotion. It often comes at the most unexpected moments- or at least it has for me. I believe that happiness, although difficult to define, is something everybody understands and wants and a majority receives.
I’m a positive person and I firmly believe that happiness comes naturally. As I am usually upbeat, I’ve noticed in my life that at the times I don’t expect happiness to enter into my life, it does. On occasions, I have found myself in a sudden realization of how ecstatic I have been in comparison to the past. Happiness comes while you’re living your life. It may be brought on by the smallest of events or just may happen out of the blue. You can pursue happiness™ but that’s all it will be if you try to, only a pursuit.I feel that you will not fully appreciate this basic human emotion until you first experience unhappiness. You will not be able to notice nor appreciate this gift until you have felt something completely unlike it. It’s difficult to respect the inner joy happiness brings if you do not first understand what a gift this emotion is compared to sadness. I know that some of us haven’t experienced as severe sorrow as others may, but we all have something personal that we view as a distressed time in our lives. I’ve noticed that only does this feeling stay when you understand what an important emotion it is. As soon as you began to appreciate its role though, it may disappear.Happiness is a contagious feeling but it doesn’t last forever. It comes and goes so you should feel the need to make the most of it. Other people can easily be brought to the sunny side of the street by other happy people- even if it sometimes means they are dragged across the street unwillingly. I make an effort to bring this bliss to anybody I interact with. For example, I sit with my closest of friends at lunch. I laugh nonstop even though it causes people to maybe give me strange glances, it seems to make others laugh just as well. Happiness is limitless to who it can inhabit so it’s something we can all share in.These philosophies about happiness have taught me to savor this sensation. When I’m blessed with this present, I try my best to pass it on. I’ve understood what it is like to not be happy, and so now I appreciate the moments that I don’t have to live without it. I have benefitted from letting this cheerfulness come naturally and I will never forget to value what great effect it has to me, my family and my friends.