Who Else Would I Be?

“Be yourself” people say, who else would I be? Individuality is an important part of our everyday lives, without it we wouldn't be who we are. From what we wear, what we listen to or what we choose to do with our spare time. If our world was similar to Jonas's community, we wouldn't have the freedom we do to be who we want to be every minute of our lives. Without the individuality we express everyday then we would all be the same.Art is one of the main ways people express their creative selves. Without art, we would have no culture. Our famous artists such as Andy Warhol or even Leonardo Da Vinci wouldn't even be famous. Even the art we like classifies us as different people, we can't like different art and still be the same as each other. A place without art would be a lame place to live.Music is all around us, making us who we are. In stores, in elevators, in cars; music is inescapable because even in our free time we are showing the world that we are our own unique person. Even as I am writing this essay, I'm listening to music. It stimulates our creative senses so in turn we can make artistic works of our own. Many kids claim that without music they would die, that's how important today's society finds music to be.Fashion is a big industry to both adults and children. Our world makes a lot of money from big fashion designers because they make one-of-a-kind pieces. They use all their imagination to make clothing that other people will adore and then become a one-of-a-kind person with that piece of clothing. What we wear everyday is based off of our individual likes and dislikes. Not everybody likes the same type of clothing, so having the ability to choose what you like and what you don't like is important.Everything we do differently than others in our day to day lives is important. Living in an utopia would be a meaningless life without any rare emotions that we can transform into art, music or fashion. The freedom to become a singled out person is what makes the way we live in important. Being unlike everybody else is the best gift a person can have. Everybody being diverse is what is so important about being a unique individual.P.S. I wrote this paper in sixth grade for a creative response to the Giver.