World Peace

When elected president, you have many powers and duties. What is the most important duty of the president is just an opinion. Keeping peace with other countries and securing different country friendships is what I feel is most important. We are seen as a super human country to other countries, that doesn't mean we should be acting superior to other countries. We have shown and should continue to show our friendliness to other countries, it's important for not only protecting our world but protecting our own people.

Our safety also relies on other countries choices. If we make enemies with other countries, they could react back violently. It is not hard to outstretch a hand and help another country, on occasions. Not to point where they depend on us, but to a point where they understand that we will help. We've been taught to use the golden rule since kindergarten, why can't we still put it in use as adults?

The United States has a bigger carbon footprint than any other. The United States needs to step up and start saving our world like the rest of the Earth. It is unfair for us to waste as much as we do without making any bigger step than Cash for Clunkers. If the rest of the world has to suffer from our waste and our insufficiency, we should at least reduce it.

How to achieve world peace is a very complicated debate. Some Buddhists believe that we must become first at peace within our minds for the world to become at peace. Traditional Hindus believe that gaining more knowledge and becoming free from all artificial boundaries that keep the countries apart is the way of having peace with all countries. Islamic eschatology says that when Jesus arrives in his second coming, the world will be united under his power. As a result of having so many beliefs of how world peace can be gained, we aren't able to be at peace.

Discrimination keeps the world apart. There are people who dislike, or even hate, certain races, genders, religions, people with disabilities or even people who originated from somewhere that is not accepted. If we cannot allow people to be who they are and express their own personal opinions, I believe we will never be able to gain peace with other countries. This hate has corrupted our chances of gaining this dreamlike goal of peace. Will we ever get to where we want to be with all this hate?

Even as an optimist, I believe this goal is nearly impossible to reach. For the facts that: we cannot decide how to achieve it, we can't ask for people to change their opinions of how to achieve it. This country is full of people who are strongly opinionated, that may not necessarily believe that peace is important for the president to keep with other countries. I hope our newly elected president will take any steps possible to stay at peace with other countries. We don't want to risk any more attacks, and we don't want to risk causing more violence that has already been caused. Even if this is just a dream, I will always believe that world peace should be the number one priority of the president.

P.S. I wrote this paper last minute for Social Studies.